All our products are warranted up to 24 months  after the purchasing or delivery date by the EURO LUX LIFE warranty (with the exclusion of rotating parts). Many products are warranted for a much more extended term; these are stated below.

The warranty term of items starts upon the sale to the end user.

Warranty will be void when the customer fails to comply to applicable treatment and maintenance instructions. Customers’ requests for advice from one of our technicians will be charged with travel expenses and hourly wages.

Reporting damages within 8 days

The customer must check the products delivered for damage, defects and completeness within 8 days after delivery. After 8 days, no rights can be derived from any incompleteness of an item. Customer must report this within the stipulated time period. Differences in quality (including rot, molds and so on) are also included. ‘Hidden deficiencies’ discovered after 8 days should be made credible (by our customer).

The fulfillment of warranty obligations will solely be applicable as an overall compensation of damages. Any other damage compensation claim is excluded, unless damages are the result of gross negligence and/or bad intent on our part. In case we are required to compensate damages, these will be deemed not to exceed the invoice price of the defective component that has caused the damages.

Construction defects

Having determined that products are compliant to warranty conditions, EUROLUXLIFE will deliver the concerned component at no costs in case it has become apparent that the component has been manufactured incorrectly. EUROLUXLIFE is committed to repair all defects (or have them repaired) of items appearing within two years after the purchasing date at no costs. Repair includes the costs of the component(s), labor and transportation. Repairs to installations/equipment must be performed by the EUROLUXLIFE technical service (or appointed servicing companies). Repairs to equipment will be performed on site as a rule. Repair costs  include costs of transportation, labor and the required component(s) including VAT. Where appropriate, components in repairs and equipment in replacements will become the property of EUROLUXLIFE. In case of repairs, the original purchasing invoice must be submitted at all times.

EUROLUXLIFE will not warrant products in case changes have been made to the product without the consultation of EUROLUXLIFE or one of our technical service staff.

Deviating colors

The warranty rights / rights to compensation do not apply in case color and design of delivered goods deviate, which include color and design of untreated materials deviating as a result of sunlight and the use of compensating or wear-resistant products, dust and other contaminants in the compensating product layer and so on, which are acceptable from a technical point of view in accordance with applicable customary standards and/or business practices.


Wood is pre-eminently a natural material. It is subject to draught and humidity, shrinking along its growth rings during sunny spells.  This results in superficial cracks. These cracks may emerge, but do not affect the quality. Especially poles may show severe cracks in summer, as a pole of quality contains heartwood in its centre. Stresses in sapwood and heartwood differ, causing cracks during prolonged dry weather which close again in humid or rainy time periods. For instance, the poles of swings cannot break as a result of these cracks and are as strong as solid beams. During dry spells, cracks appearing in wood up to 2% (5% with round wood) of its circumference is a completely normal phenomenon.

No warranty

The following is excluded from free repair and/or replacement:

  • Wear as a result of normal use
  • Defects and/or faults (partially) caused as a result of incorrect, negligent or improper use
  • Defects which have a negligible effect on the operation of value of the item
  • Glass breakage, glass scratching, light bulbs and separate accessories
  • Defects, loss and damages of/to items as a result of an event usually covered by a property insurance
  • Plastic and/or rubber components
  • Defects and consequential damages caused by serious fouling or incorrect maintenance
  • Defects inflicted by external causes, such as lightning impacts, fire
  • Damages which do not originate from the item itself: scratches, scraping and dents

EURO LUX LIFE offers excellent products at a reasonable price. Therefore, we are committed to maintain the best possible relations with our clients. Tuindeco will do everything in its power to stay at good terms with its customers in any reasonable arrangement permitted by law. We focus the clients’ best interests and customer service is highly regarded.

Product categories with a deviating warranty period:


Log cabins (including custom-made): 2 years

Verandas: 5 years

Carports, terrace roofs, gazebos, pavilions: 2 years

Playground equipment and other buildings: 2 years

EURO LUX LIFE warrants manufacturing and construction defects; damages caused by persons, animals or natural disasters are not covered. Claims as a result of a poorly constructed foundation, an improper installation, poor maintenance and/or incorrect maintenance agents are not covered under the warranty provisions. The service life of the maintenance treatment is not warranted..

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture: 1 year

Garden furniture is warranted for one year, which includes manufacturing and construction defects. Minor cracks, weathering, discoloring, humidity stains and misuse are not covered. Note that both new and already treated furniture may stain at first.


Swimming pools, saunas (including pumps, heaters, accessories excluded): 2 years

Jet streamers, Jacuzzis, hot tubs: 1 year

Outdoor kitchens, barbecues (not on base, stone plate): 1 year

Wooden constructions of EURO LUX LIFE swimming pools and saunas meet very high quality standards, covered by a 2-year warranty.


Wood for use in the garden/ timber:

– hardwood (bankirai, azobe):  10 years

– impregnated: 3 years

– untreated wood: 1 year

Slabs, concrete piles: 5 years

Webbing, wicker: 2 years

Composite: 5 years

This warranty covers the reliability and sustainability (rotting, wear, breakage and delamination) of EURO LUX LIFE materials.